Materia Music Pledges Support for Credits Due Campaign

Seattle – October 6th – Video game music group Materia Music recently pledged their support for Credits Due, a campaign created by songwriters that helps to ensure writers are credited and paid for their work.

Oftentimes, recordings and compositions are not properly linked to their creators, resulting in inefficient processes, and incorrect compensation for creators and rights holders. Launched in September by Abba’s own Bjorn Ulvaeus, Credits Due is focused on creating sufficient processes so that incorrect compensation for creators is a thing of the past.

Materia Music is the first music rights company that focuses on the long term value of game music. In an ever-growing industry, it is increasingly important that writers, artists and composers are properly paid for their hard work. Credits Due falls directly in line with Materia’s values and they are very happy to help be a part of this pledge.

The team at Materia Music is joined by dozens of other companies dedicated to this important issue including: the Songwriters of North America, Apple Music, Spotify, the Digital Media Association and more.

To join in pledging to Credits Due you can head over to this page.