Materia Music appoints new Chief Operating Officer

Seattle – March 11, 2021 – Video game music label and publisher Materia Music has appointed Daniel Jiménez-Wall as its Chief Operating Officer (COO). He will work closely with founder and CEO Sebastian Wolff to improve Materia’s infrastructure and long-term strategy.

In this new role, Jiménez-Wall will be responsible for overseeing day-to-day operations, artist product releases, commercial activity, and administrative functions of the business. He will help the company manage its internal resources to reach its goals of linking the game and music industries, mutually advocating for more shared resources and information between all parties, and more.

“I am thrilled to welcome Daniel to Materia as COO”, said Sebastian Wolff. “His extensive experience in music production and video games makes him the perfect choice to fill this role, and upgrade our operations. This is an important moment for Materia during its time of expansion. I will be shifting responsibility to Daniel regarding most internal operations and am grateful for and confident in Daniel’s ability to make changes happen.”

Jiménez-Wall previously served as a Product & Brand Manager at Materia Collective for several years. Over the past decade, he spent time within various facets of the music and games industries, including the fields of music rights, product design, and game development.

“I am dedicated to finding solutions and making necessary transformations during such a critical time at Materia Collective,” said Daniel Jiménez-Wall. “We’re hitting the ground running to expand our systems, upgrade our processing, and improve management and relationships. We’ll work hard to ensure that every facet of our operations will improve. We believe in our community and want to do better in our support of them.”

Daniel Jiménez-Wall
Daniel Jiménez-Wall


About Materia Music
Materia Music is a video game music record label, music publisher, and rights administrator. Since 2015, Materia has helped in the creation and licensing of hundreds of album releases, as well as the production of digital and printed sheet music. The music group cultivates lifelong relationships between fans and their favorite games, and they support new generations of modern classics so they remain relevant for years to come.

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