Announcing Our New Brands

Thank you for five years of Materia!

Since 2015, you’ve known us as Materia Collective. That name has meant many things: a community of musicians, a record label, a sheet music publisher, and more. And we keep growing, expanding, and dreaming as we strive to transform the world of video game music.

We realized that one name and one identity couldn’t contain everything we are and everything we hope to become. Now, on our fifth anniversary, we are thrilled to start a new chapter and to introduce you to the different branches of the Materia family.

Materia Music

A bridge between the game and music industries.

Helping game developers, composers, and artists reach new audiences with their music, overseeing music rights administration, and creating and distributing beautiful products.


Materia Collective

Video game music is an art form. We’re the curators

A video game music label, partnering with original creators as well as beloved fan musicians, releasing original soundtracks and high-quality cover albums.


Materia Editions

Play the game — then play the music.

The first sheet music publisher focusing exclusively on video games, arranging music from your favorite games to be played by musicians of all skill levels.


Materia Store

Your life needs a soundtrack.

Your friendly neighborhood source of all things video game music. Home to a selection of digital albums, CDs, vinyl albums, sheet music, and anything else we think you’ll love.


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